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Acknowledgement, Attribution, Copyright

In an effort to be a good citizen of the internet, we want to acknowledge the work of other authors and respect their Intellectual Property Rights. In turn, we hope others will respect our rights.


Photographers’ copyright notices and links to their own sites are used where possible.

Derivative Works

Where the Intellectual Property from another source is a minor part of content on this site, the copyright is the property of the author of the derivative work.

Courtesy Links

Where it is inappropriate or impractical to obtain permission to reproduce works from another source, copyright is acknowledged using a “courtesy link” to the author’s site.

Paying for Stuff

Some of the works used on this site are purchased from professional artists, sometimes a Paypal “coffee” link is used to make a small donation, and some content is “free stuff”. The authors of this site do “chip in” to the occasional Wikipedia appeal, for example. For many content providers, an expression of gratitude and a link is enough to make the difference between a thriving community and infuriating theft.

Quid pro Quo

This site is “All rights reserved”. Fellow internet authors are welcome to use material presented on this site for non-commercial purposes with a simple attribution, such as “Copyright Scouse Mouse“. It’s not a bad idea to copy the content to your own site so that you don’t suffer any broken links. Just copy and paste the acknowledgement appropriately in accordance with good internet etiquette. Basically, it is a good idea to share and acknowledge work, and it is a bad idea to copy entire posts, articles and sets of photos.

Untraced Intellectual Property

Efforts have been made to trace copyright but we would welcome information that clarifies the copyright ownership of any wrongly attributed material displayed.